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Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Proton Exora: Spec and Photos

Edited from Paultan's blog
Proton MPV
is the Proton Exora! The Exora is based on the name of the Ixora flower, with the tagline “Keriangan Keluarga”. The name and tagline were picked by the Name The Proton MPV competition grand prize winner Norsholihan Bt Abdul Eanich, who will get to drive the 7-seater vehicle she named once it is launched in April.

Proton Exora MPV will be priced at under RM 80,000 and will be available in 5 colours - Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black, Blue Haze, Pyrite Brown and Gaia Blue.

In terms of safety, all variants will have at least 2 SRS airbags as standard. The Proton Exora will be built in the Shah Alam plant and cost of development was slightly over RM 450 million.

Proton will produce between 3,000 to 3,500 units of the Proton Exora a month initially and will be swiftly exported to markets such as Thailand and Indonesia by July.

Proton Exora was expected to be powered by the Campro CPS engine. Bookings will be open at a fee of RM1,000 from this Saturday (21st Feb 2009) onwards.


  1. A complete revamp of the Proton steering wheel design that is curiously reminiscent of the one Honda is currently using. There is steering wheel audio controls and also a phone button which could indicate some variants of the MPV are equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system.
  2. Instrument panel features a two-meter design, with RPM on the left and an even-numbered speedometer on the right which tops out at 180km/h. The design of the meters are predominantly red with white text. They look like an evolution of the one in the GEN2 CPS facelift, but with modifications that somehow make them end up looking like the one found in the Isuzu D-Max, except the D-Max design is blue.
  3. A small storage and a card holder (Touch N Go?) located below the driver’s side aircond vent.
  4. A door-open indicator in the middle of the two meters
  5. A redline of 7,000rpm for the RPM meter.
  6. Two digital displays below each meter. The left one shows a digital fuel meter and digital temp meter as well as various other multi-info readings. I’m not sure what the right one shows.
  7. The gear lever is dash-mounted much like the Honda CR-V.
  8. Dashboard itself doesn’t seem to have any texture to it but it’s likely that this is a pre-production version, so the production version should have some texture in-line with all the recent Proton model launches.
  9. Center dash area design from top to bottom - clock, two aircond vents, 2-DIN CD player, various buttons including hazard light, manual air conditioning knobs, recirculation and air cond button.
  10. 5-spoke alloy wheels
  11. Bee-sting antenna at the front just after the windscreen.
  12. Signal indicator on side mirrors
  13. Reflector headlamps
  14. Foglamps on the front bumper
more photo...



  • The wheelbase of the chassis is estimated to be more than 2,700mm but less than 2,800mm. In comparison, the Honda Stream has a wheelbase of 2740mm, the Wish is 2,750mm, the Innova 2,750mm, the Livina 2600mm, and the Mazda5 2750mm.
  • The front suspension design uses MacPherson struts and the rear design uses a torsion beam to minimize suspension system intrusion into cabin.
  • The front end is designed, supplied and assembled as a single module for weight reduction and ease of installation to minimize QC problems.
  • The MPV is said to have very good crash safety design from Proton internal crash tests. A few MPVs will be sent for official crash testing and rating soon.

Rear View

Front View

Side View

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The torque is too low. This is MPV car with wide body. Should be its come out with 2.0. The torque just only 125 which is not suitable for this car.

- Hafiz (apom) - Batch 2003

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

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